Monday, May 09, 2005

Being a teenager today can mean serious struggles in school, home, and social environments. Outside of the typical teen pressures, teenagers are also having to deal with a staggering divorce rate among parents, absence of parental guidance, and a lack of balance in their lives. This balance can be broken up into several areas: spiritual, emotional, physical. Without attention in all of these areas, a child can and does experience feelings of depression, neglect, or even anger and these feelings usually manifest in the following ways: overweight, laziness/lethargy, outbursts, acting out, unmotivated, drop in grades, low self-worth and the list goes on. Parents or legal guardians have a responsibility in getting their child the help that they may need during these times of struggle. Our children rely heavily on the guidance of the adults in their lives, even though at times they seem to resist it. The first step in helping our children is by setting an example for them to follow. Sometimes, that means getting help for ourselves first, and allowing our children to reap the benefits of us having a solid foundation for balance in our lives. Everyone benefits from balance. Any change, however, is an incredible act of courage... whether it's the child or the parent. Courage is what is needed here... the Courage to change the things we can. So, we have an important decision to consider. Do I have the Courage to change and bring balance into my life and the lives of my children?